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she's the blade

and your just paper

20 November 1989
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To all the movies watched, childish adventures had, endless nights spent, broken hearts mended, bonfires started, pointless parties hosted, Pixi Stix snorted, cookie dough downed, facials turned to mud fights, races won, races lost, walks to nowhere special, songs sung off key, twirly hugs enjoied, mating calls answered, super hero alter egos made up, fake bands put together, make-overs gone awry, swings sat in the wrong way, imaginations explored, flowers picked, snowballs thrown, secret hand shakes never finished, hit lists made and 'hit'men hired, Wrestling matches staged, games of Star Wars played...

These are the times to remeber.

  • 16 years of age

  • Working at Minnesota Rennaissance Festival since she was born

  • Friends are her life.

  • biggest 'dork-under-cover' you will ever meet

  • Autumn is her favorite season

  • She likes warm smells best

  • Swears off boys alot (but it never works)

  • She is a computer nerd

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